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Originally posted by taro
...In essence, you complete your initial movement before they do. Does this sound right to you?
OK--now here is where it gets weird.

You want to move when they move. Not before they do and not after. A spectator should look at the timing as if someone yelled "Go" and both attacker and defender moved at the same time.

How do you get this correct timing? From what I've been told it's emphathy. You should be able to feel when your attacker commits themselves to the attack. Just like a good ballroom dancer learns to move, you practice to learn this emphatic timing. The strange thing about this is it means you're judging the attacker's state-of-mind. You are not looking for physical clues that they're about to attack, you're looking for a change in their psychology. You don't want to react to their movement, but become part of it. Told you this was strange.

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