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Re: the nitty gritty

Originally posted by Anonanon
I really hope this is an aberrant situation and that there are no other dojos like this, that's why I am asking. I have found a new place to practice, thankfully.
You snuck in while I was posting. There are absolutely other dojos like this and it is also an aberration at least in so much as it's an aberration of the human condition. In other words, if it can happen at work, in a church, or at the Lion's Club meeting it can happen in a dojo.

Despite what we think, sensei really aren't any better or worse than anyone else. If a certain percentage of the population engages in unhealthy behavior then a certain percentage of the sensei will probably be engaged in this same behavior. This applies to the good things as well.

So find a good sensei, there are plenty of them out there.

PS: I am saddened to hear your story. Not surprised though.