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Re: US Army combatives and aikido

Dan Hover wrote:
So which is it a Jujutsu? which it clearly is not or a budo? Which it clearly is. Budo is not jujutsu and
vice versa. Army combatives are not in any way shape or form a "do" form.[/quote]

Wow. This is reaching back. I hadn't realized that I hand't answered this.

Budo is martial ways and arts, bujutsu is a different way to express it. The terms jutsu and do are pretty much interchangeable (despite the misunderstanding fostered by a few writers' attempts to interpret and catalog something that simply doesn't translate well into English), and though they carry somewhat different 'flavors', they both connote a systematic, internalized study of a particular discipline.

Therefore, bujutsu is budo and vice versa.

Now then, jujutsu is a generic label that describes almost any unarmed or lightly armed Japanese combat discipline. Under the umbrella of jujutsu, we find things ranging from the very esoteric to the very mundane and systems ranging from joint manipulations to systems utilizing strikes and kicks.

Jujutsu is 'bread' and aikido is 'Poppa Ueshiba's homemade rasin nut bread.

What I was trying to say was that folks who say: Jujutsu is barbaric and aikido is sublime are contradicting themselves.


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