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Re: Throwing Spikes?

Well, David, that didn't make much sense. Your sources are less than reliable, or biased at best.

I don't know Daniels, except from seeing that he has a few books on the MA shelves in the stores, and while I'm aware of much of hatsumi's history, I'm not convinced that he (or Tanemura) are un-biased in terms of presenting factual history. They both tend toward allegory and parable, I think.

Westbrook and Ratti, the folks who did Dynamic Sphere and Secrets of the Samurai, were well-intentioned and tried hard, but their research was hobbled and was actually not very good.

The value of some of those sources you cite is found only when viewed in th elight of more thoroughly researched pieces and comparing extant historical records.

Now, sorry to disapoint, but your threats mean nothing to me, and your diatribe is basically null content. You've just earned a place on my ignore list.

Live well, be happy.


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