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I can see where someone might meet and fall in love with one of their students or employees, this can happen in any setting. What I was concerned about, and have experience with, is an instructor who has, over the course of several years, gotten involved with more than three of his students. This person was chasing me around for a while, then backed off, saying "oh, no, I can't date my students." Then I left, but on fairly good terms. Since then,he has gotten another student pregnant and is now living with her. We are talking about a 4th dan getting involved with or making passes at several 5th and 6th kyu students. He has no women students above that rank because they all leave. After I left, I found out he had gotten another student pregnant before, and that several other students had quit because they felt this person was coming on to them. Obviously, this has a negative effect on those students. I have been very angry since finding out that my experience with this person was part of a pattern of behavior, and that I was lied to. It's left alot of others (former students)feeling angry and powerless. I have heard that he is telling people that I (and others,including the one he is living with) were pursuing him! I really hope this is an aberrant situation and that there are no other dojos like this, that's why I am asking. I have found a new place to practice, thankfully.