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Re: Throwing Spikes?

OK chuky the Vampire Sprayer First:

There is common Knowledge as you admitted that most things in Japan (Including Population) Came from Mayor Asia Tell me the name the era the year that shuriken started NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BE TRACE IS WHEN THE TERM WAS USE AND TERM BEING USED AND WEAPON BEEN DEVELOP IS A TOTAL DIFFERENT TAIL CHUBBY DIPPER!! OOOoh and before you reply check out Hatsumi's collection of shuriken use in the web page mention above in these page.
Most info will show that (secretive schools use it) read between the Viagra grandpa don't let it cloud what ever 2 or 3 working neurons you may have left from the 60's
If you look at the book Ninjutsu The art of stealth you'll see that Mr. Dreager unfortunately generalizes,..... like calling the unarmed portion of the art (Karate) if he generalizes like that, now imagine what other generalizations he could had made .........unfortunately he has passed on and we can not ask him who gave that info to him or how he got it,..... second the training of your (snake eaters) includes the use of smoke grenades as a type of concealment, what is the only M/A that in its curriculum has that, the use of static line entrance. the use of anti personnel mines, even the clothing, and underwater operations are similar look for Fuma Ninja or Fuma no Mono Sherlock, also the variety in weapon systems to include like no other M/A small hand held canons that worked as shotguns in Mr. Dreager book he even mentions the fact that they use giant kite type of gliders to verify enemy positions look it up bone narrow recipient;...... second your snake eaters train in Brazilian Jujitsu but it is called (combatives) because god forbid we give someone other than the all knowing DOD some credit for the stuff that really work or admit that a system base on the art of a former enemy is now the main stream way for the ARMY to train their soldiers in HtH..... again check it out ask any Drill Sgt. or better yet one of your snake eaters But don't ask Lorenzo Lamas..... he hated that role... he did the movie to get money buy a Harley and start doing Renegade. Look for any SF guy from Bragg and ask him................ The usage of German and Japanese methods is publicly known since Clinton made millions of formerly classified documents public, look them up or ask your local library that's what I did !!! And why does the CIA keeps secrets everything dealing with the use of former SS Gestapo agents by the US or the use of scientist and wander isn't it just to coincidental that the same basics of the rockets under their development were u7se to make the Apollos again don't believe a single word I say check it but hey talking like that makes people think and thats uncomfortable is better to tell the tell the way is already been told is safer that way,,, we killed hundred of thousands with the nukes to Japan but some how even if It was unnecessary we are not in the list of crimes against humanity nor are the ones who exterminated the Natives of America not they are called forefathers never referred to as slave owners that wanted to be free we were not prepared to hear that on grade school and because our education was based on BS now we think that if is not what we have herded is wrong because WE could NEVER be wrong, others yes but not us not me dear god nooooooo so we think that if someone tell it differently than us he has to give special credentials even if we generalize on ours do the smell of manure lets you breath yet ooooh and to make things simple for you the History channel and Discovery channel have specials that make the same exact link with today special ops that I did so question them for books Ninjutsu (History and traditions by Dr. Massaki Hatsumi..The Shadow Warriors of Togakure By S.K. Hayes Secrets of The Samurai By the Same guy who did the Dynamic Sphere Book read them both Korky!! Taijutsu by Charles Daniels plus I already gave names on my previous post that yahoo and goggle searches can be made under Cotton Balls so hey peter puffer check them out and then talk to me about Oooh Japanese pages and transcripts heee didn't you get from the other post that a lie can be made in German, English and ohhh no!!!! it can't be!!!!! but it isssss!!!!! Japanese spark plug look around and then dispute me , Hatsumi, Daniels, The Freaking D. Channel, The History Channel and of course something simple to ignore common freaking sense and hey squixis it is not snake most of the time is insects again don't believe me go to the US Jungle Warfare Center In Panama and also dispute them or maybe the guys at SERE school who teach that insects are safer to eat easier to digest and cause less stomach problems but hey keep playing that play station tiger I mine with that social security check and the Senior citizen discount that metal gear solid 3 must has cost around $30 IT IS A GOOD DEAL GRANDPA so hey if by any chance you need more compensation let me know I'll break those hip bones for free hey anything to help the USCOA am here to help oh the site that a previous poster put in should have these books so hey there's no excuse books and TV easy he also check who by the way Mr Duncan use to train visit his site and you will see the MARINE connection or look for the connection between the Dal ai Lama and Hayes now look for what is Yamabushi? I can't do it all for ya put down the Cialix and look see ya by the way the 50's called and they want their Narrow minded ways back along with the clothes and since you like snake eaters com on urinstain Eat Me

PS. Snake consumption is a last option in survival environment why? glad you ask. snakes diet varies from insects which are safe to smaller serpents, rats, frogs ext. meaning to prevent poisoning from ether serpent of it's last meal it has to be cooked meaning fire is necessary yea and give away your position to Sidiky why is gonna spray you with that Chinese made AK when he finds you by trailing the smoke of your snake roust or by the smell it leaves snakes have glands that are use to mark their territory and it serves as a natural trailing device to go back to a specific location were it's layer maybe or some creature who was bitten and Left to die but again don't believe me go to the library and check and then go and invite Chuko the clown to a meal of Boa with and entrance dish of cobra

Evil Ways Of Dave (Tha Snake)
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