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Greg Jennings
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Re: instructors dating students

Originally posted by Anonanon
Just wanted to hear some people's thoughts about and perhaps experiences with instructors, including chief instructors, who date their students. And I do mean plural students. Or is it ok if it is just one?
I think dating one's students, co-workers (up or down the pecking order), etc. is a bad idea. Yes, I've seen it work out. But I've seen it end up for the worse many, many more times.

My wife of a dozen years was, during my teaching assistant days, one of my students. I waited till her progress prevented her from being one of my students again to ask her out.

When my dad sent me off to my first job he told me to:
1. Do what I was told to do immediately and to the best of my ability.
2. Strive to arrive before and leave after my boss.
3. Never get my "dates" and my paycheck in the same place.

That's all stood the test of time...


Greg Jennings