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Re: Poll: How often do you get to choose your uke(s) for your rank testing at your aikido dojo?

I've tested at summer camp, and it is truely awesome to have an entire herd of yudansha rushing out onto the mat, racing to get to any testee they can, and slinking back to the lines when they failed to be quickest. Sometimes the "yudansha rush" reminds me of randori! You always ended up with a high-caliber uke (someone who at least had enough energy to beat the pack to your side). Occasionally the uke/nage would be a serious mismatch (huge size difference), which meant that a new uke might be called up after just a few techniques, at the testing commitee's descretion.

In the smaller testing opportunities (less people), I've observed that Sensei's often assigns an uke in advance, to make sure that someone of proper caliber will be available as your partner. I've also found out that takeing ukemi for somone elses test is often an expectation when you yourself are testing. Plus, it sure breaks the tension.
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