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Re: Oiling a jo

I'm an engineer -- I oil my jo by suspending it in a bath of lemon oil for a few days (picked it up in the furiture polish aisle of the grocery store): I capped the ends of a piece of PVC pipe that either my jo or bokken will fit into, added enough lemon oil to make the wood float, and let it stand in a corner. After a few days, I remove the jo, wipe it down with a dry cloth, polish it a bit with some fine grit sand paper, wipe it once more with lemon oil to remove all of the dust, and it's ready to go. It works great -- kind of like pressure treating the wood, only not as complicated. It absorbs a couple of ounces of lemon oil that way, and is very resilent... I've tried the "drip" method, but it wasn't very effective.
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