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Oiling a jo

Ok, I read the forum on sticky weapons, but I didn't seem to find exacty the answer I am looking for, so here goes...

My jo is getting dry. I asked Sensei if it needed to be oiled, and he agreed. He suggested using lemon oil or other oil common for wood, not to rub the oil in, but put some on the ends of the jo and let it soak its way through.

This makes sense, but now I realize something. Where does one buy lemon oil? Also, should I store my jo vertically for awhile to let to oil seap through, or will it happen naturally if stored horizontally? I would ask Sensei these questions, but the dojo is on break until January, and I was planning on doing this over that break.

I realize that I know pretty much NOTHING about wood, wood work, oiling, etc other than "wood comes from trees" so I was wondering what experiences other's might be willing to share when it comes to oiling your jos. Mine was made in Japan, and I think it is made out of oak, but I am not positive.

Thanks everyone!

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