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Originally posted by taro
...TED...thanks for the info. Wish there was a Ki Aikido club nearby so I could check it out. Would you happen to have any of these Ki exercises written down at a website so that I can learn and try them? Oh, and the sixth sense thing, yes, I was partly referring to the kind of "surprise attack" you mentioned, but also what Peter and Mark wrote about in their last posts....
Probably the best way to practice timing is have your uke attack you more than once, generally three times, then move and do the technique on the last attack. On the first two attacks just get a sense of their timing and intention. Correct timing is not moving before they do and not moving after they do, but move when they move. If you've seen video tapes of top Aikidoists, you'll see that they move when the uke does.

When you do this exercise, make sure that you or your uke don't get caught in a rythmn. Try to vary the timing of the attack.

Hope this helps and sorry for the delay in response.

Ted Ehara
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