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Re: Aikido Frauds

As John Riggs and others explained very well, these frauds do a lot of damage to aikido. My opinion is that you have to ask yourself "what is best for aikido?" and do that. I fully believe in the the Ghandi saying "satya-grah" which means "protest for truth." You speak up without fear of the counter attacks from the supposed fraudster and their supporters (like Dave Humm was mentioning). What the heck was all of that "enter without fear" training for if you cannot apply it? Aikido is worth protecting! What's the big fear anyway? - I'm not running for aikido class president or king of the prom.

As far as the devil's advocate sub-thread here about O-sensei, didn't he welcome all challengers? I have to say that if some guy just announces he is self-taught, but he's got the stuff and welcomes all challengers well I have no problem with that.

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