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Re: Aikido Frauds

Jorge Garcia wrote:
Even with thirty, if you know anything about Daito ryu, it's certainly not a K Mart blue light special. Sokaku Takeda's enrollment books show he taught about thirty thousand people. I don't know how you do your math but in the world I live in, that's rare enough!
The usual pattern would be that Takeda would breeze into town, have somebody (such as Yukiyoshi Sagawa, or his son Tokimune, who would travel with him) set up a local seminar and then move on to somewhere else. Everybody in the seminar would be required to sign his enrollment book. Most of the 30,0000 people in the books were therefore people who saw Takeda no more than once for a couple of hours. The number of students who actually studied with him over a number of years was really quite small, so 30 represents a fairly good percentage of them.



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