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Re: Aikido Frauds

"but no formal certificates or learning from an "established" authority or lineage."

Besides the Daito-ryu credentials cited by Jorge, this comes from The Master Course: Best Aikido 2. p. 204 "Morihei continued his studies under Nakai even after he was discharged frm the army in 1906, and he was awarded a teachng license from Nakai's school, the Yagyu Ryu Goto Ha, signed by Grand Master Masanosuke Tsuboi, in 1908." "In March of 1913, Morihei received a first-level teachng license from Sokaku..." (Although "Aikido" states he received one in 1916). He also studied several jujitsu arts and even judo as well as the spear. So he had teaching certificates in at least two arts.
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