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Re: Aikido Frauds

Ahhh. If only dojo raiding was still acceptable...

I see a comon thread of education running through many of these comments. I work hard to learn about aikido dojo in my area by attending class, talking to current (and former) students, attending seminars, and reading up on each dojo. I believe that education is the key to minimizing the damage of frauds. When potential students ask about other dojo, I answer questions truthfully and provide information to aid their choices; I do not make negative comments or participate in name bashing. I provide resources to gather additional information and send them on their way. I have a responsibility to provide information to assist a potential student in making a decision to join a dojo. The responsibility does not include making the decision, so I avoid comments that may taint a decision.

I made a similar comments in another thread about the quality of instruction, so I apologize if I sound like a broken record. We have a duty to uphold the quality of aikido, though sometimes that is not popular.
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