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Re: Aikido Frauds

Sunny Liberti wrote:
My dad used to say that one should never tear down anyone's mental playhouse unless you can build them a better one.
Okay, I guess, I did okay then. I visited a dojo when I first moved here and it resulted in practically getting a group thrown in my lap because the students realized their teacher wasn't any better than the 3rd kyu he had earned from a legitimate aikido organization. Just because he was wearing a black belt didn't keep his students from seeing through the deception when presented with a comparison. In the process of disillusionment, did lose some of the students, but those that stayed are strong. They had to start over.

Given he had students he had awarded a 2nd kyu to and they were starting to help teach classes, I try not to imagine what it would have evolved into in 5 more years.

nipped it in the bud.

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