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Mark Mueller
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Re: Aikido Frauds

"I think this is an apples and oranges comparison."

John, to a certain extent I agree...however lots of times these guys do invest a particular amount of effort into whatever martial art they start with.....Ego comes into play a lot of times and they think they have a better way......and to promote it they decide to embellish...i.e. "establishing the legend" before there is one....

"He actually studied and gained teaching proficiency in the arts."

If I read Stanly Pranin's stuff correctly O' Sensei was largely self-taught with the exception of Daito-Ryu...I have read some reference to Jukendo (sp) along with some bokken and staff....but no formal certificates or learning from an "established" authority or lineage. A lot of the "frauds" out there are largely self-taught......there are just a lot more ways now to "fraudulently legitimize" (how's that for an oxymoron!) your credentials.

and FWIW who gave O'Sensei his rankings in Aikido?....once again he created his own art and placed himself at the top...not as much difference as we might think....
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