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Re: Throwing Spikes?

Interesting thread.

Just something I wanted to point out.

Due to certain genetic laws the human body has a certain shape, as such there are limited ways in which that shape can be contorted or changed in order to get certain effects. This is why a karate punch may sometimes look like a kung fu punch may resemble a muay thai punch etc. Same goes for a lot of other things.

From my understanding of the history of the S.A.S. the tactics they employed in Africa were partially based on stuff developed in earlier campaigns in Malaya, Borneo and surrounding regions and also on things they learnt from tribal colleagues in the African countries where they were conducting ops. These tactics were learnt from the natural tribal inhabitants who were quite versed in stealthty methods of movement etc. since their very survival as hunters depended on it. The SAS have proven to be extremely adept over the decades at learning from the locals to find better ways to execute their objectives. The thing is though, since there are general laws that govern the movements of the human body as well as laws that govern best stealth practices I find that claiming what the SAS and modern SF teams use as part of stealth training is descended from shinobijutsu a bit of a stretch. The modes of operation may look the same but that does not mean that they are the same.

Just my thoughts.

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