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Re: Funny things during class

Thomas Ambrose wrote:
Today we were doing a technique... I think it was Kata-dori-sankyo (not sure, still new!) and I was uke. I sort of stumbled and stubbed my big toe kinda bad on the mat. It made a very loud "pop" or "snap" sound as the toe bent down under my foot. Immediately everyone hearing the sound turned their heads.

My partner asked if I was ok, I said yes.

Sensei also asked if I was ok, and I said I was fine. It hurt pretty bad, but it was a pretty nasty stubbing, maybe a slight sprain, nothing too bad. I could still move it

Many years ago when I was a fresh faced newbie, only training about three weeks at the time. I can't remember the technique but I vividly remember my partner stepping forward into me as I was stepping forward, I stubbed my little toe against the front of his ankle. It felt a little painful, and looking down I could see my little toe was vertical at a rather odd angle

My immediate thoughts were how the hell was I going to get my shoe on to drive to hospital, and that even when I got there, it was going to bloody hurt putting it back after it had been swollen for a few hours (English NHS aint exactly the quickest service you know ). So biting the bullet so to speak, I dropped to my knee there on the mat and pushed hard!!!!

Feeling a little pale, I turned and asked Sensei if it was Ok to leave the mat whereby I promptly hobbled over to the bathroom, switched on the cold tap and stuck my foot in the sink for 10 minutes.

Not a form of treatment that I would advise



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