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Re: Throwing Spikes?

CLARIFICATION, there is no [B]TRUE, JAPANESE SHURIKEN, OK [/B] everything came from their main land of Asia IE: China, Mongolia, Tibet ext. Star shaped shuriken is TRADITIONAL IE: used by the Hattori Clan under Tokugawa'srule as an entrance tool (the squared shaped star with open spaces in the middle, was used to pull out nails from wood by scraping, hooking and pooling actions to gain entrance to houses, farms, barracks ext. with the purpose of arson, poisoning food supplies, contaminating indoor or secured wells, retrieving information, planting false information like exchanging maps for bogus ones or retracing routes of reinforcements or supplies lines threw areas were ambush was either waiting or easily set up. True study of the history of Japan will show the many uses of this tactics on the feudal period of this country. By the way Ninjutsu traces its origins as far as India and Tibet as also do principles of Zen, Buddhism and Shinto so what is this CRAP about True Japanese or traditional is like saying................. ooooh as American as Apple pie, well hey numnuts, Apple pie traces its origins to Spain and Portugal so....... are we repeating the disinformation we have been fed our hole freaking lives....... like the freaking pilgrims inviting the Indians to dinner yeaaah or that the ate turkey People the turkey comes from Mejico and is original name was Wajolote;....... So it was the french who made possible the independence of the colonies threw the use of Mercenary forces and Local Militia,.....and now we hate them because they are not throwing bombs on helpless civilians (Most air raids end up taking 70 to 85% non combatant casualties so do we really want use our tax money to kill one stinking taliban and kill seventy woman, children, elderly, and working non-combatant civilians maybe its just me but if my friend downstairs stops working I'll just use Viagra I'll not start killing helpless civilians to get my hardon but hey, I can be wrong, it has happen one or twice in the last Milena, so hey!!!!) (oooooh and before you call me antiamerican or say that I don't support the troops tell me in what sector of Kabul you were wile I was eating those stinking M.R.Es trying to find an E1 or a E2 to change the freaking pasta primavera for some goddamed wild rice, while pulling a 24 shift with 4 hours of sleep till the next one, you tell me, if you did it... then criticize my ass till kingdom come;.... But if not,...... don't hide behind the freaking democracy that I defended wile you were playing SOCOM on your stinking play station OK).......... (And by the way it is not the soldiers fault, is the fault of the guy who robbed the 2000 elections with the help of his baby brother... he is the one to blame, not some poor kid from Tennessee who joins up because he is tired of making the minimum wage or because he wants to go to collage but daddy don't have enough money because for some reason, him not having blue eyes and white skin interferes with the thinking process of the guy evaluating him for the good job with the good health plan) before we start calling something true, traditional or original,... we may want to start researching first;.... Is like the Bald Eagle some stupid bear cornholing lumber liker saw the body of the bird one color and the head white and call it Bald... do you smell the manure we have been teach since kindergarten, so please before you start calling something this or that just research and I promise not to say a dammmmm word but if not THE EVIL WAYS WILL CONTINUE

PS: In the 1860's & 70's the Shinobi were use as special police in Tokyo... some of their tactics were also used against U.S. Troops on the pacific campaign on W.W.II and also some of their methods were allegedly assimilated by the S.S. and after the war implemented around Africa by The British S.A.S who by the way where the Forefathers of U.S. Units like DELTA;....These same tactics are the ones that are helping the members of the U.S.S.F win the battles against the Taliban and are still use by any C.T teams around the world TODAY. Expl. Seal Team Six, Delta, G.S.G-9, Green Berets ext. So what has your Martial Art have been doing lately................

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