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Re: Throwing Spikes?

Hi Randy as part of the curriculum of our school Shurikenjutsu should be practiced around the 3rd or 2nd Kyu as part of any Ninjutsu school, OK a crash course my friend First: Types of shuriken varied depending of which Ryu you practice for example if you deal with Iga of (Togakure-Ryu-Ninpo) from the Bujinkan usually it will be a four tip star shape shuriken and methods for throwing go from side release (like a Frisbee), Inverted ( the arc goes from outside to inside), oblique(taping down the wrist with the elbow close to the side using a descending motion like a bird feeding and your wrist is the neck), wile using the Bo-Shuriken (spikes) the shuriken is aliened with the fingers and hold in place by the thumb, using a downward motion is released to the target, this technique is later in training changed to an upward arc and on advanced level is practiced as quick draw type of techniques, The Book ( Secrets Of The Samurai) has a good explanation of the basic uses of this art that was later implemented by common Samurai Ryus who learned this techniques from Senseis that spend some years as Ronin and came into contact with some Shinobi Ryus most likely Yamabushi who were most intrusted in spiritual refinement than the Iga, Koga and Fuma Ryus, Is entrusting to see that today most practitioners tend to fallow the way of the Yamabishi as a life enhancing tool and then use other Ryus methods of training for the combat area of their training . Today certification is considered valid through the Bujinkan, that is the concept of Soke Massaki Hatsumi [B]considered by most practitioners to be the only inheritor of all the remaining and historically traced Ninjutsu traditions as the 34th Grand Master of Togakure Ryu Ninpo[/B], by links with people who were trained by him even tho they are no longer part of the Bujinkan, like Grand Master Stephen K. Hayes who's books and videos give a good deal of technical along with theoretical information on Ninjutsu, others are from the Genbunkan, which is a concept of Grand Master Shoto Tanemura ,who was Hatsumi's student and right hand man for many years till 1984 when they for some not really publicly known reason parted ways, and later Tanemura claimed to be co-inheritor of some of these traditions. There are another Ryus that are recognized like Dux Ryu (now Known as F.A.S.S.T) developed by Shidoshi Frank W. Dux who's background both Military and as Ninjutsu instructor is both praised & heavily criticize by those who consider him to be the ultimate 20th century example of a true Shinobi/Navy Seal Instructor/Cover Government Agent and movie inspirer and those who say that it is all made up and he is a fraud, in my personal and humble opinion I met Mr. Dux in two Ninjutsu summits and he was technically, theoretically and physically impressive and effective, if he's is a lie well Daaammm is a Freaking good one. Other sources can be found in the Five Winds System of Grand Master and Panamanian borne Ronald Duncan who's approach to Ninjutsu or (Ninjitsu) same just deferent pronunciation... goes from unarmed combat to use of fire arms. He has a similarity with Hayes in the fact that they are both called the Father of American Ninjutsu. BUT....... Duncan claims the grand mastership of Koga....But ....The last known and 14th Grand Master of that Ryu it is said in JAPAN never to have Past On the tradition to any known student... so it is hard to prove by lineage the link of Duncan and Koga Kaiden. For more info on shurikenjutsu look for books from Hatsumi, Hayes, Charles Daniels Ext. they can give you a good idea on concepts and training but remember not everybody falls under the Bujinkan there are lots of people that have chosen to form alliances because it is hard to stay connected to the main source and then have it for a week every two years or so; many of us have a training link with the Bujinkan or Gebunkan but for many reasons that go from being relocated because of military service to not approving of the narrowmindness of the point of contact who some times try to charge excessive amounts for training seminars, merchandise and some times of a basic skill level training tools. I hope that this info can help you in your search for the martial way.

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