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Re: enlightenment

It's funny how I wound up in Aikido- When I was among the Korean martial arts community, many of us secretly thought the Japanese Aikidoists had all "The Secrets" (I guess I still think that). But when I took Shao Lama Kung Fu, we thought some of the Koreans had it going on. When I studied Yoshukai and Goju Ryu Karate, we thought the Kung Fu masters were undefeatable. There's a lot of buzz about Muay Thai and BJJ right now.

I'm beginning to think, likewise with religion and meditation, the secrets are all the same- You practice the form and technique for long enough that you begin to understand and apply the doctrine, then if you can really sustain a love for the art, you'll eventually achieve mastery and enlightenment. I've had some great teachers over the years and I think most of them were at about the same "place" even though they took very different paths to get there. Not that it's a place I'm close to arriving at, myself, but I think I know now where I'm going.

In the Buddhist view, it takes a LOT of lifetimes to acheive real enlightenment. A lot of lifetimes! But considerably less if you take almost any path through the milestones outlined above. I have very close ties in the Yoga/Hindu "cosmos" too, and the advanced Yogis there have that same remarkable quality that makes you know something exists that's worth reaching for.

So, my humble advice, to everyone including myself: Keep sitting and just "be" happy!
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