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Re: Happo Giri

Eric Roku wrote:
8 directional cutting... also happo undo, 8 directional movement (without bokuto.) Depends on stance(and schools) which direction the movement goes.

Think along the lines of cutting: north, south, east, west, SW, NE, NW, SE.. 8 directions..

Simplest definition. Now I am sure some will want to elaborate a bit..

Very concise, I'd only add that your directions are based on left foot forward. If you start in migi hanmi, the directions are north, south, west, east, SE, NW, NE, SW. Of course that's assuming you are applying these directions to your body movement based on the fact that you are facing "north" to start. If you happen to be facing SE in migi hanmi, then it's SE, NW, NE, SW, W, E, S, N but then if you're in hidari hanmi facing........., hey it's Friday afternoon and I'm off for 3 days .



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