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Daniel Trottier
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Unhappy Dizzy after practicing rolls

I recently began studying Aikido and I really enjoy it. Problem is, I get very dizzy during and after practicing rolls, falls, etc. I want to be able to practice alone for more than 2 minutes so that I can improve, but I find that very difficult to do. Last Wednesday I joined the class in their "rolling drills" - doing forward rolls twice around the mat followed by backward rolls around the mat. Upon completion, I was very disoriented and felt nauseated, and I had that feeling for several hours.I have the problem of not being able to practice comfortably or for as long as I would like. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences severe dizzyness and if so what can be done or how long it takes to get over it. It definitely dampens the enjoyment I get from attending class so much so that I do not feel I will be able to continue if this situation persists.

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