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Re: Belt Washing and Embroidery

Ruth McWilliam wrote:

Either your sweat glands or your nose has packed up! Even if you don't reckon you sweat, other folk do and you may be landing in their puddles from time to time, so yes, your belt does get dirty. Perhaps a lab analysis would convince you?


No Yuck! It is fine!

And to others, having gone through the cross training bit where I ran 5 miles a day and then the fad of weight lifting to be over the magic 200 lbs lean, I know what working hard is! If I weat, and I īdonīt easily. it is because I am working my arse off!

I do sweat doing our Kihon Dosa, and then technique there after. O invite you to smell my Obi! I does not smell! My Gi on the other hand needs plenty of washing! One use only!

Noel, you ainīt even close (to quote a film I canīt remeber the name of)!

Best wishes,


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