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I think the responses, especially Don's, are excellant. I try and remind my students that there is only one teacher on the mat. While it is important for students to help each other there is a difference between helping each other and teaching. Inevitably some students cross the line and spend their time "teaching" the other students forgetting that there is a teacher on the mat and it isn't him or her. One additional thing you may do is when this situation happens, wait until the teacher is nearby and ask him or her to explain or help you understand the specific point you are working on or the item that your partner is offering instruction on. Usually the third time or so this happens in the class your partner will get the message and shut up and train. If not I would suggest that you discuss it with your teacher in a general way and ask his or her advice on how you should handle this situation in the future. You don't have to mention names. However when this question is asked of me I pay particular attention to that student's training.

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