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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around to reply lately, been a little busy

Ian: Very interesting remarks. I've actually experienced this with other activities(I'm still VERY green in aikido). Playing the piano I've especially noticed this after I've learned left and right hand parts. Playing the guitar I've noticed it when trying to play it Jimi Hendrix style(reversed hands). Throwing a ball, I've noticed it when trying to throw it with the wrong hand(I end up throwing like a girl...sorry Anna ), heck probably many other examples too. I'm guessing you've found this documented somewhere. About the C of G, you're saying that when we maintain our awareness on it, we are better able to co-ordinate full body motion, right? So focusing on our hara/one-point/center/tanden, is more of a physical phenomenon than a metaphysical one?

Anne: Thanks Anne, don't sweat it too much. I'm not exactly sure what you meant by the "next" library though

Mark: Thanks for the tips. Tried the walking in the dark thing. Walked into a chair that's at crotch level full force. OWWWCH! Just kidding. Haven't tried it, but I might keep it in mind for later
Seriously though, we don't do any of those types of excercises at my dojo. So if you know of any other similar exercises I can practice at home, pass 'em on. I really would like to develop this "sixth sense". It's so Jedi, isn't it?
MA - duh on my part eh? You mentioned displacement of air and also sensing [changes in?] atmospheric pressure. This has never even occurred to me. Is this your own conclusion or have you heard of it somewherre else I'm curious?

Peter: Thanks for the tips. I'll have to try some of that with the guys at the dojo after classes. About the sessions with the tanto, did you mean working in a pair and having each of us switch roles between nage and uke after each attack/counter?
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