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Tongue Considering selling Saito books....


I am considering selling the following books, and I was wondering if anyone was interested?

Tradional Aikido - Vol 2 - Advanced Techniques
Tradional Aikido - Vol 3 - Applied Techniques
Tradional Aikido - Vol 4 - Vital Techniques
Tradional Aikido - Vol 5 -Training Works Wonders

The books are softbacks, printed in June 1992 by the Sugawara Martial Arts Institute, Inc. The condition of all of them is excellent. There is some slight wear on the covers, but it is very minor. The pages are crisp, clean, and have no tears or creases.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I was going to put the books on eBay, but I'd prefer the books to go to an aikidoka instead of a online bookstore who'll jack the price up!

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