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Dave Curran
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Smile Short Intro and question.. newbie!

Firstly, hi all.. just registered, and I'm about to begin Aikido.

I'm 22 and am planning on going to my first class on Monday at my local Dojo and am interested on other peoples thoughts and tips for what will happen. I've been told best thing to wear is tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, any particular footwear recommended for off the mat?

I've read the beginners guide at which has a lot of useful info, and finally found a site describing how to sit seiza(!) with other basic information, but does anyone have any personal tips or thoughts for a complete newbie, what to expect, terms etc? Are there places to change generally, should I bother taking any clothes to change into or just wear the jogging trousers / tshirt there and back.. excuse my ignorance.

Thanks in advance, wish me luck
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