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David Humm
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Re: Dojo loyalty or personal gain?

I am one such student (Yudansha) who disliked the personal politics of the Sensei to whom I studied.

I also make no secret that I distrust the Sensei due to a personal issue that happened some years ago between he and I.

I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about my options as a student (then of some 15 years) I eventually ended up quitting aikido because :

A) I didn't feel I had the experience to run a class of my own
B) I knew that starting another dojo would cause further strife between the Sensei and I

So I chose to quit. Bad choice in hindsight.

I spent some time away from Aikido but the longer I was away, the more I wanted to come back so, I formulated a strategy. That was to return to aikido and study hard to bring myself back up to my privious standard, in doing so take all the required steps needed to put mysel in a position where I would never again be directly under the control of the Sensei (although I was training as a guest at the time on his mat)

Eventually I realised that things hadn't changed, the politics were still politics (along with some other BS) so I sought the support of my organisation to start a dojo... And that is exactly what I did. Much to the annoyance of the sensei I might add. LMAO

Loyalty is a two way aspect of the martial arts, it's like respect, people have to earn it before it is freely given. I hold no loyalty to that sensei because he lost that and my trust in him several years ago. My move was for personal gain... To ensure I continue to study aikido free from petty BS politics.

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