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Re: All paths lead to Rome?

Ian Dodkins wrote:
I think the 'words' people use to express things can be different even when the internal understanding is the same; and the words are less important than the understanding.
Unfortunately, imho, if there exists such a thing as an internal understanding without words (which I doubt very much - with post-modernism and all), it is doomed to remain internal. And that makes these understandings quite irrelevant, because people have no means of direct access to other people's internal understandings.
From the feeling that you never succeed at communicating things and experiences perfectly, I wouldn't conclude that there is some sort of understanding (transcending words) that you failed to communicate perfectly.
Rather, I think that if you remove the words from understanding, not much understanding remains.

p.s. Understanding to me is a mental faculty. I would never say that my body has an understanding of e.g. irimi nage, although my body is capable of doing irimi nage (or al least something that looks a lot like it to the untrained eye. :-))
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