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Re: Ki vs Aikikai

Kristina Morris wrote:
I am surprised because after being on the Aikido-L for a few years, I found the opposite to be true in the infamous Ki Wars.
Perhaps the sample of posters on Aikido-L is not representative of Aikidoists in general. Just speculating here, but the internet has only recently been generally popular. So perhaps most Aikido-L types are experienced technology users with little patience for less tangible ideas. Or perhaps people who don't "believe in" ki are more likely to feel the need to argue the point than those that do. Or perhaps this site is not a representative sample of Aikidoists. Or perhaps neither Aikido-L nor Aikiweb are representative of the Aikido world at large. Keep in mind that when people come to you, they are not likely to be a statistacally representative sample. If you want to survey people about their beliefs concerning ki, you have to go them randomly to insure a truly random and therefor statistically relevant sample.

Or maybe we've all gotten together to mess with your head.
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