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Rocky Izumi
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Re: If you could make one change in Aikido

John Riggs wrote:
"I'd get rid of all the self promoted "shihan" "soke" "8th, 9th 10th dan" nob-jocky we have floating around discrediting Aiki as a whole."

Dave-I'd agree with you on that one and lower it down to self promoted 6th dans and add in the professor and doctor titles as well that are floating around. Plus I'd add in the ridiculous claims some of these guys are making on websites about their skills (like cutting paper with energy only).

Makes us all look like crack pots.
I can cut wind with only my internal energy, though lactose-based input also helps as does any sort of carb. I could even exaggerate and say can even crack pots with my internal energy, it is so strong.

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