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Re: What are you capable of doing?

It's hard to truly understand death and killing, without actually engaging in death and killing. You can think about it, read about it, discuss it, even dream about it, but until your there you won't understand it. Even after the first time your get into that kind of scenario, you still won't understand it. This isn't something you can do once and then say, "Been there, done that, proved myself". Every time this type of situation happens it is brand new. And whether you know it or not, we're all traveling down the same road. The training martial artists go through conditions both mind and body and it is the unification of these that provides for success and survival in these scenarios. It is not so much the execution of technique but the unification of purpose of both the mind and body. This is a question of volition. Mind-body unification allows the instantaneous transformation of volition into action. The interceding thoughts or "decisions" slow down the transformation of volition into action. Volition is set prior to the conflict, and providing the mind/body unification remains, powered by an unwavering volition, it should win out. Someone mentioned the "fight or flight" response. This is an ingrained animal instinctive reaction. Instinct is not a decision. The survival instinct is not nearly as powerful as the will to survive. We set this volition in and through our training.
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