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Re: If you could make one change in Aikido

Last September I participated in the IAF congress seminar in Tokyo. At the end the various member coutries all did demos. What was clear to me was that the demos from Japan (2 off) were simple, straight, normal, plain as can be, ordinary, yet solid, Aikido - just what you expect. Many of the demos from other countries seemed to have some kind of personal slant - really soft, really hard, obviously mixed with Jujutsu or some variiant, obviously mixed with Tai Chi, and so on. There were a few 'straight Aikido' demos, whatever straight may be ... but I was surprised at the extent of the differences and could only wonder what the Japanese thought about it all. Of course, there are several slants within Japan too, but no to the extent outside, so it seems.

Accordingly, I don't think there are any rules to change. It would be good if all could diverge on a common point though, but I doubt that is possible.

PS I'll define straight as what the Doshu does - anyone who has attended a seminar of his will know that he just does textbook-solid stuff without windy explanations. From my point of view, no slant whatsoever, and I like it.

PPS And before the demos, somebody asked what they should do. The reply was, "Show what you normally do/teach in your home country..."

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