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Originally posted by jimvance

Staying dangerous is a very difficult subject to discuss without the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable teachers. I would venture to ask the question to some of our resident Sensei "lurkers", because I do not feel I could answer the question properly. I guess from my own perspective, "cooperative" ukemi allows me to escape injury and maintain a connection with the tori (nage). This connection becomes very important in kaeshi waza...

I would think that maintaining the connection should be nage's problem at imtermediate/advanced levels. Otherwise there is little opportunity to practice establishing and re-establishing the connection, with someone who likes to break that connection for a tactical advantage. Every time I hear someone say "but you attacked me wrong" I wince.

Sure, as sempai I tell them [to slow down] only if I knew they could not take the ukemi properly.

If you are concerned with maintaining a connection, wouldn't it be better practice to accept a hard, fast attack and restrain the power in your response, rather than telling uke to try again?

Atemi is a lot more about position and who has the initiative than it is about hitting someone hard and fast.
I daresay it is about all of those things. Hitting someone slowly and softly does not always bring about the desired results.
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