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Re: What are you capable of doing?

If you really think about this's infinitely hard to answer...I mean, how do we know what we would do in the situation?...what is our feeling prior to the situation?...who is involved?...etc...I honestly doubt that I could answer this question...I mean even if we've faced a situation that would make us feel like we could answer this question would we know that every time the situation happens we could react in the same way?...

I mean, I honestly don't know if I could protect myself if I was attacked by somebody...I know that if I didn't win...they wouldn't feel as cheerful as they did the morning before, but where would I be? Beaten, in a hospital, still in the ditch, or worse of all, dead. These questions are questions that I think everyone that has studied any form of self-defense have really truly thought about or will think about...I mean, no system of defense is flawless. It depends on the situation one is set in and the purpose one is given to react.

I'm not saying that the above mentioned reasons or beliefs are wrong to the speaker. I'm just saying that I find it hard to believe that one could answer any question about the future including a situation without knowing its entirety. And even if one did...would one really be able to follow through with a prior thought on such an kill someone if really think, "I'm taking this person away from the people he knew...the people that might have loved him/her...his/her mother/father, sister/brother...I'm robbing this person of the only lifelong possession he/she has...his/her body" (note:I hate being politically correct with male/female words...).

Could this be the pinnacle of one's aikido practice (of course; taking into account everyone reading this can relate to aikido)? I mean, practicing aikido would help you make the decision not to kill the enemy wouldn't it?...It'd make you consider every option...It'd help you to protect the aggressor yet protect yourself would it not?...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't even think about killing anyone...I mean that's why we practice the Art of Peace right? We shouldn't always focus on the instances of having to use budo to harm people, we should use budo to help people...

But that's just my 2 cents,

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