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Ki Symbol Re: routines

Originally posted by ian
At one dojo I used to train in a few years ago we used to have a set of techniques we would run through i.e. we would do ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, shiho-nage, tenchi-nage, irimi-nage, kote-gaeshi one technique after another, on each side. Once one person had gone through this their partner would try.


However, does anyone else do this (instructor or taught it) and do they feel it is beneficial or detrimental?


We often begin our intermediate classes with nage picking one attack (which all the ukes have to use) and then nage has to do five basic arts without any kind of repetition (i.e. if you do ikkyo you can't do another pinning art, if you do zenpou, you can't do another kind of zenpou). After all five arts have been done (both sides, left/right for 10 total) The next nage steps up and chooses a different attack.

While patterns can develop: ikkyo, kotegaeshi, shihonage, kokyunage, kaitenage, the whole thing still feels pretty random. We go in rank order so if class is big, the last few nages have to pick an odd attack (heh heh).


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