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At one dojo I used to train in a few years ago we used to have a set of techniques we would run through i.e. we would do ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, shiho-nage, tenchi-nage, irimi-nage, kote-gaeshi one technique after another, on each side. Once one person had gone through this their partner would try.

In a way it is a bit like a formalised one man randori.

I have decided to incorporate this into my own instruction (although I'm going to do a set of 8 pins, and a set of 8 throws), mainly to formalise the names in peoples heads.

There are certain advantages and disavantages to this. I know myself that when I go to do randori I often go through this set of techniques sub-conciously.

However, does anyone else do this (instructor or taught it) and do they feel it is beneficial or detrimental?

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