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Re: Sensei is a nutball and I had enough.

Si Wilson wrote:
They are not throws!!!!! You fall over or flip yourself, but to throw someone requires you to move them, not them move themself!!!!!
That's just semantics. If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, I have no problem in calling it a duck.

I've taken ukemi early to avoid a disastrous fall from a very fast attack, but I don't consider that a no-touch throw. But this is the sort I've experienced:
mriehle wrote:
...someone throwing a hand in your face as you come barrelling toward them at top speed...
You're bracing yourself in reaction to the hand, so you're leaning forward to compensate; then all of a sudden the hand is removed fast without making contact and you fall forward just as you would have if uke had reversed hands and clocked you from behind. My balance is taken absolutely and I wind up on the floor just as if I'd been thrown by one of uke's arms on the reversal.
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