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Zato Ichi
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Re: New Feature: AikiChat!

Jun Akiyama wrote:
How long was the URL? If it's too long, it'll probably invoke the word wrap feature which prevents very long strings from messing up the display. I'll see if I can modify that section of the code to ignore URL links.
Hi Jun.

That's the odd thing... some of the URLs weren't even that long. Here the kicker though: for example this link
was shortened to something like
AikiChat wrote:
in the text. Fair enough. However, the parser does not copy the link correctly, adding spaces to the URL and then using that for the anchor. Something like
AikiChat wrote: ms/opencms/My_Computer/help _support/humour/data.html
So, naturally, when you click on the link and the escape sequences are added, brings up a 404.

Hope this helps.
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