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Re: Poll: Do you prefer your aikido rank tests announced (planned) or unannounced (surprise)?

Bronson Diffin wrote:
IAgain, that's just me. Other's do it different and I'm ok with that
Not too different, at the lower grades we do the same thing, drag people out, put them under pressure, see what works, what doesn't.

People don't really fail their grading on a club night - at some point it mysteriously turns into a mock exam instead...

For the public ones though (1st kyu and up for us) i guess i see them more as a showcase for the Dojo. If i do badly, it would reflect in a negative way on my teachers (which i don't want to happen).

For me personally i've also found recently that the focused work i put in before my 1 kyu exam has reflected well on my Aiki in general... It's certainly helped eliminate some "fluffy" elements that has slipped in...
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