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Tohei Sensei's Soda Can Story

Oh fine, I'll tell the story. But I really believe it's out there on the web somewhere already. And it was thirty years ago when I heard it, so it's likely I'll get some details wrong. That being said:

Tohei Sensei was traveling by train with some students. I gather the trip got a little tedious and people were looking for things to do. Tohei Sensei walked in on one enterprising student who was sitting quietly at a table staring at a soda can.

He sat there, staring intently and every now and again he'd jerk his head to one side. He continued this for a while apparently unaware that Tohei Sensei was watching him.

Finally, Tohei Sensei asked him what he was doing.

"I'm trying to move the can with my ki", came the reply.

Tohei responded that it was very easy to do so and offered to demonstrate. The young man got up from his chair, Tohei Sensei sat down and began staring at the soda can. After a few minutes he reached out with one hand, picked up the can and moved it to one side.

"But I was trying to move it with my ki!", the student protested.

"The ki does not exist without the body. My hand moved because of my ki and moved the can.", replied Tohei and walked away.

Now, I have to tell you that when Tohei Sensei told this story he was quite animated in the telling. He was clearly amused by the incident.

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