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Dan Gould
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Re: Difference: Male and Female Sensei

To be honest, I feel a little awkward training with women on the whole, because it's a physical thing, and I'm afraid of touching er, heh... I feel childish as hell saying this I'm old fashoined, ok? I'm really afraid of touching something I shouldn't as I'm grabbing her, or something.

Although I got over this to great effect at the start of aikijutsu. I kept punching to the side of a woman's head, afraid of hitting her (was the same with the guys, mind), and I was told by sensei "When she puts on that gi, she's not male or female, she's a martial artist" or words to that effect, along with "That's not a woman, it's just Angela", lol. Madem e realise, she's there to train too.

I wouldn't have a complaint about training under a female sensei, to me skill is more important. It's better ot have a skilled female sensei than, well, me
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