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Rocky Izumi
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Re: Intent of Attack

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
How about when they use the "I don't understand how what I'm doing is hurting you" excuse repeatedly? (Seniors, not beginners).

One that seems to work quite well is: "I'm sorry, then I must be doing something wrong here. Please help me correct what I am doing wrong." If that still does not work, then the same question to Sensei usually does.

If that still doesn't work, a quick hard kick to the nards always does. But, make sure that the person is really just trying to hurt you for the sake of hurting you. After you kick them, make sure you point out that you were just pointing out an area of vulnerability to them and thank them for the good practice as you bow out. Then go practice with someone else while the guy roles around on the mat. Worked for me but I just did a kaeshi-waza real hard then choked him out. The Shihan just laughed and told me help revive the guy.


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