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Long distance ki

Peter Zalinski wrote:
Was that "ki" I felt, as I took ukemi rather than the envisioned trachiotomy, or just body-memory?

That's the real problem with the idea of a long-distance ki blast. Ki doesn't exist in a vacuum and, IMO, involves nearly as much psychology as it does energy or physics.

The psychology of someone keying on you from across the room is very different from the psychology of someone throwing a hand in your face as you come barrelling toward them at top speed. You can "feel" both in an almost tangible way, but your reaction is bound to be different.

Mind you, the "keying" thing should be taken seriously. Try keying on a rottweiller if you don't believe me. On second thought, don't. You may not believe it works, but the dog will and I don't want to hear about it when said dog attacks you. Maybe try it on a toy poodle.

All this being said, there is a story that Koichi Tohei Sensei told about one of his students and a soda can that is a classic illustration of why ki is not magic. I actually heard him tell the story and it's one of the stories he told that stuck with me. Every time I get tempted to think of ki as magic, I just remember the story.

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