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Re: Intent of Attack

just a couple of thought on a couple of points made....

When a person gets drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car,,,,is there intent there? Or just stupidity? I think there is probably no intent to hurt another, but much damage can be and is often done. Should the drunk person be punished as severely as the violent person who gets behind the wheel of a car sober and purposefully runs into another?
Most say no. But when a person gets drunk and drives, they know going in that they are impaired and could cause there is no violent intent, but they do, knowingly, get into a position where they can cause serious harm. Not a Webster's defintion of INTENT...but.....perhaps time for a change from Mr. Webster

When one sees "thoughtlessness" in a dojo and steps in to assist, IMHO, it should never be misconstrued as any type of an insult. Now, let us define thoughtlessness.....
1) Agressive Nage does not know that Uke and throws Uke very vigorously.
That is thoughtlessness that normally a quiet word from another will rectify immediately.
2) Agressive Nage continually demostrates just how tough and strong and effective his/her technique is no matter the Uke's level of training or physical/mental(frightened) condition.
That is not thoughtlessness in my opinion...that is one without care. And obviously not a good student of the way of Aiki.

When I read Sunny's ideas on thoughtlessness, my first thought(I get few of these....) was that stepping in to help was to assist the Uke...or victim...and also to inform Nage or attacker that perhaps some care and respect is in order.
But I say that from a position of a little knowledge as I have practiced with Sunny a few times as well as Rob Sensei. And anytime I have seen any type pf correction from them....and I have received many corrections from them!!!( I needed the corrections!!!!) they were corrections, not of admonishment, but rather to aid in my learning. And I would never question one who is willing to take the time to teach me that perhaps they are questioning my abilities. Even if my abilities surpassed the person assisting me(which in this case is NOT true..not even close), I always approach a situation like that with Shoshin. When one looks upon each situation as a learning experience, one will learn.
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