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Re: Intent of Attack

I consider multiple intential attacks with violence against the kamikazi types to be the hardest to deal with, so through dedicated collarboration we build up towards dealing with that. Along the way, we also have to learn to defend against our own potential misadventure.

While you can give people tools and shape their experiences in a positive way, you really cannot teach how to deal with those accidental things directly.

A long while back, I remember lifting my bokken back over my head and clubbing the poor guy behind me working with a different partner. (My zanshin has improved a little since then, but talk about a humbling experience!) Now, when I work out at seminars if someone working near me starts getting too close I do my best to defend that potential misadventure. If possible, I try to work it in to whatever I'm supposed to be doing with my partner (as long as I can keep things relatively safe).

As my wife has mentioned, when some people do not get into the optimal position for a technique they attempt to solve that problem by man handling their uke into that position to then proceed to do a nice throw. When this misadventure happens to me, I do my best to protect myself and slow them down quite a bit (but never stop them unless our relationship is quite strong).

I started with a much more physically stronger/tougher body in aikido than my wife did. When she asks me how to deal with a nage repeatedly yanking her around, I honestly don't know how to help her directly (other than buy her yoga and pilates dvds). What I did - that worked in the home dojo(s) was find out what technique(s) and make sure I highlight how I get into a position where I do not have to yank uke around (while raising awareness to not solving problems with arm strength). She is still at risk of that in many other dojos. I know that through training we build toward developing these ancillary abilities, but can anyone suggest drills to help out?

The other misadventure I can think of is when the partner is so intent on helping you with martial spirit that they consistently hurt you to teach you. I remember this Indian guy with extremely long arms used to start every swariwasa technique by punching my in the face. It was skin hard but that gets tired real quick when it's in the face and you really can't get away because my arm length was much shorter than his. That sucked big time. I was too stupid and inexperienced at the time and so I just took it thinking "well this is martial arts after all." (If you are that guy and are reading this, try saying "change your angle" just once even if it was after class in the locker room. That would have helped a lot more than pounding the new guy!)


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