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Mark Cochran
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Oh sorry if MA was confusing. While reading some of the posts I noticed some writters would type MA instead of Martial Arts and I just started doing it too. Its a vain attempt on my part to shorten my long winded replies. As to intuition I have a hard time describing it. I feel its sort of a voice or sixth sense that alerts you to potential problems. That little voice that tell you not to use the short cut today that you've taken a hundred times before. At the same time I feel its also an increased awareness of ones surroundings. Wether it comes from being fimiliar with your surrounding or just being very sensitive to the atmosphereic pressure around you. Being able to feel when some one or thing is moving through your feild of sensitivity. This is realy the best I can do for you. I'm sorry I can't be any more specific but I just not at a level of training and expereance that I can realy put my thoughts to paper in a coherant manner.

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