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Originally posted by taro
MARK...dude, what the heck is "MA"??

MARK & PETER....could you guys give me any suggestions as to how to develop this intuition you both wrote about in your last posts?
Not the easiest question to answer. In the Shodokan system there are specific kata which contain as part of their being training for sen no sen (seizing of the initiative) and others which for example deal with peripheral vision. In the former case think of a very rapid direct Irimi where the technique is instigated by the very beginning of a yokomen strike by uke, the very first twitch of the hand. The kata is usually done from suwariwaza.

Have uke commit very sudden attacks and work hard to begin your counter at the very instant he begins -look to the clues he drops before the attack.

The other, complimentary way, is doing lots of tanto randori. It is important to have transitions between attacking and not attacking which is pretty well impossible to achieve with multiple person randori.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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